14 editor-approved winter essentials, from Cariuma boots to jumpsuits


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When I was younger, I loved shopping. I was at the mall almost every day; it was my refuge and the place to meet with friends. I enjoyed browsing the shelves, trying on clothes and shoes, and picking up a few new things here and there (because there was always an excuse for a new high school outfit, right?). And before you ask, yes, I always knew I wanted to work in fashion, hence my love of shopping. It was, in a non-cheesy way, my passion.

However, as I got older and launched my career in fashion, I started buying less and buying better. I learned about investment parts and cost per wear; I stopped buying just to buy, and instead wondered if I needed it before grabbing my credit card. I kind of became what you might call a picky shopper, although I would rather call it being a smart shopper.

Today, I like to do a little shopping at the start of each season, but there’s nothing I love more than investing in new things for winter. It’s cozy season! It’s the season of relaxation! It’s a time to rest, relax and hibernate, and as such the items I buy all fall under this theme. Personal care takes priority; my skin needs a little more attention, so restocking my beauty cabinet with hydrating essentials is a must. And, of course, spending more time indoors also means investing in things like candles and blankets that make your home a sanctuary.

14 Editor-Approved Buys for Winter

Cariuma Caturi Boots in Camel Suede

Living in Minnesota most of my life, where temperatures regularly hit teen negatives and single-day snowfalls can reach 8 inches, I learned the importance (and value) of a good winter shoe. Ugg boots have truly been a saving grace, but when I discovered these Cariuma insulated boots, I thought I’d try them instead. And boy, am I glad I did. Not only do they look incredibly cool thanks to the silhouette of the sneakers, but my feet felt so warm because of that vegan sheepskin lining. Oh, and the vegan leather is water resistant, so no need to worry about snow or slush leaving annoying stains.

Lake & Skye 11 11 Candle

A candle a day keeps the doctor away. Okay, but in all honesty, there’s nothing more relaxing and grounding than lighting a candle, especially on cold, dark winter nights. Add an incredible fragrance and you have everything you need to create an atmosphere of pure peace at home, when the outside world can be anything but. This Lake & Skye Candle has an impeccable burn time (50 hours, to be exact) and an incredible smell (its fragrance is a mixture of amber and musk). I’m already on my third and I’m also buying it for all my friends.

Throw Sunday Citizen Casablanca

Alright, so when I tell you it’s the best blanket i have ever had in my whole life, I mean it: it’s the best blanket I have never had, and my whole family is addicted. After using it for less than a day, my mom decided to buy one for herself; soon after, my sister too. It’s the perfect weight, incredibly soft and tall. I’m tall so I’ve always had issues with blankets not covering my feet, but that’s not happening with this substantial size one. I also bought it for my friend’s birthday, and after unboxing it, her husband bought one for his mom and sister a few minutes later. Clearly, this one is special.

Tula 24-7 Moisture Day & Night Moisturizing Cream

Everything from Tula has been my saving grace since I started using the skincare brand last year. Her cooling and brightening eye balm is my secret to looking like you got a full night’s sleep (when you absolutely don’t), and her best-selling 24-7 Moisture Day and Night Cream is the only thing that could soothe my dry, cracked and irritated skin this winter (thanks, in part, to the heating in my apartment which took a toll on my complexion). The cream does it all: it hydrates, firms, nourishes, plumps and calms, all thanks to an impressive blend of hero ingredients like probiotic extracts, apple and watermelon, and squalene.

Nuptse Mules The North Face

I saw Kendall Jenner wearing these North Face mules, so naturally I need it now too. In my experience, you can never own too many shoes (correction: you can never own too many comfortable shoes), and these tick all the boxes: they’re stylish, they’re warm thanks to an insulated interior, and they’re also affordable. I’ll take two pairs, please.

Hollister Faux Leather Quilted Jacket

I used to shop at Hollister all the time when I was in high school. I quit once I went to college, but because of Abercrombie’s resurgence I was also inspired to take a look at what Hollister now has to offer – and I’m immediately fell in love with it. Vegan quilted jacket. It gets so hot (I tested it in cold Minnesota) and is currently on sale for a reasonable $66. I also plan to buy a few more colors of this one.

ZIIP OX Series

Jennifer Aniston called this Ziip face sculpting device by Melanie Simon a “cool tool” in 2019, and she swears by it today. I recently added it to my beauty arsenal after reading so many rave reviews (and, of course, because it’s Aniston-approved). The small but mighty device promises to lift, sculpt, firm and brighten skin with its nano-current and micro-current technology. It’s pricey, but this was the year I decided to really invest in my skincare.

Sustain Yourself Sensitive Skin Deodorant

I was craving a new aluminum-free deodorant (I swear by Kopari’s, but a change was needed), so when I went to my local co-op in Minnesota, I decided to give it a try. this all natural deodorant cream from Minneapolis-based brand Sustain Yourself. Its formula is gentle but effective since it is made without baking soda which can irritate sensitive pits (like mine!). I also love that it’s plastic-free, and once I’m done with my first jar, I plan to reuse it to hold some of my earrings.

Bearaby Cotton Placemat

I’ve heard so much about the Bearaby Cotton Placemat, so when I had the opportunity to test it, I said yes without hesitation. The weighted blanket is said to help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety, as well as promote better, deeper sleep. And while I was a little surprised at how heavy it was when I first unboxed it (I went with the 15-pounder), the minute I put it on, it didn’t bother me. didn’t seem as heavy. The weight was distributed evenly across my body and after lying down for about 15 minutes I actually felt calmer and more relaxed. Plus, it looks so chic too.

Laurastar IGGI Portable Steamer

Does being an adult really get excited about a good steamer? I think so. I had the chance to test this innovative new device which isn’t just your average steamer: it’s technically a hygienic steamer that de-wrinkles clothes faster than others while sanitizing fabrics (and objects too). ). I tested it on everything – even my most delicate bristles – and they came out looking and smelling so fresh.

Sagittarius Constellation Anklet Kathryn New York

I rarely splurge on myself, but I recently realized the value of spending a little more on beautiful jewelry, especially if it has special meaning to you. This Kathryn New York Anklet is the perfect addition to my collection. I’m also very fond of astrology, which is why this Sagittarius anklet has a special meaning. Plus, I love that it’s also my little secret that I wear it.

Bouclème Intensive Hydration Care

My hair gets very dry and frizzy in the winter, so I really need to focus on giving it a bit more love and care this time of year. This Bouclème hair mask is exactly what my dry locks need, and after the first use I already noticed a difference in my hair. It was smooth! It was brilliant! It was easy to comb! The creamy formula contains ultra-hydrating marula oil, mafura butter and camellia oil that work together to rejuvenate and strengthen each strand. The result? Hair less likely to break and tangle. Additionally, there is a parcel of product in a jar, so the $36 price tag is worth it.

Smash & Tess The Elevate Happy Hour Romper

If you haven’t tried Smash & Tess Rompers Still, I’m sorry, but you’re seriously missing out on the world’s simplest and most comfortable outfit. celebrity fans include Emma Roberts, Hilary Duff and Kate Hudson – and fashion editors (like me) are also totally in love. They are perfect for work, leisure and travel. Just lounging at home? These rompers are perfect for that too. I have three in my collection and will be adding a fourth – in particular, this happy hour romper – to my range then.

Love & Sage Lip Balm

If you are looking moisturizing lip balm that gives a subtle pop of color, consider your search over. This Love & Sage lipstick, made with beeswax and a blend of ultra-hydrating oils, like coconut, sunflower, and baobab, was the only thing that helped soothe my cracked lips. . After use, they are silky! They are sweet! And they are so pretty thanks to the subtle touch of pink. I totally understand why Gwyneth Paltrow end your night with this Love & Sage balm.


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