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121 Sibu hairdressing salon operators request vaccination certificates

Donna (second from left) presents a vaccination certificate to a hairdresser, while (from fourth from left) Bujang, Lim and others watch.

SIBU (September 10): A total of 121 hair salons here have requested the vaccination certificates, which are being processed by the Sibu City Council (SMC), Councilor Donna Petrus Ngelai said.

The chairman of the SMC’s standing committee on general and community services said the certificate is used to inform the public that operators and their employees have been fully vaccinated.

“There are 258 hair salons in Sibu and we have already treated 121 of them.

“Twenty-five certificates were distributed this morning. The rest will be distributed gradually, from tomorrow, “she said yesterday during a walkabout.

She also encouraged salon operators to request the certificates if they have not yet done so.

“Application forms can be obtained at the entrance to the lobby of Wisma Sanyan, or send WhatsApp to 016-6158552 to have the forms sent to applicants and printed (for their reading).”

During the walkabout, SMC Vice President Bujang Abdul Majid encouraged more barbershops here to apply for the vaccination certificate to assure the public that operators and their workers have been fully vaccinated against Covid- 19.

This way, the public will be more confident and have peace of mind when attending their salons, he added.

He also advised operators to disinfect their chairs, haircutting equipment and the like, every time they served a customer.

The vice chairman of the SMC General Purpose and Community Standing Committee, Councilor Joseph Lim Tong Guan, also attended the crowd.

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