10 Essentials to Pack for Amtrak Train Travel


Train travel is becoming increasingly popular as people begin to recognize the beauty of “slow travel”. Plus, traveling by train, like Amtrak, allows passengers to get a view of less visible parts of the country while enjoying personal space and the luxury of not having to deal with an airline or rental car. car. Amtrak is often one of the most affordable means of transportation these days – which is a plus in itself.

So what to pack for your big Amtrak trip? That’s a harder question to answer but luckily it’s the one we have a list for. When traveling via Amtrak, here is the ultimate list of what to bring.

ten Food, such as snacks to enjoy on the train

A benefit of train travel is that passengers are allowed to bring their own snacks. Rather than receiving free peanuts like you would on a plane, train passengers can bring their own granola bars, chips, pretzels, candy, trail mix, fresh fruit, veggie sticks, sandwiches, or even a full packed lunch. if the train the car has no coffee option. This also applies to soft drinks such as water, juice, tea and coffee.


9 Hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes

These two things are especially important after the pandemic. Hand sanitizer has become a common travel item, while disinfectant wipes are more common for those taking public transportation, such as the train. When it comes to wiping down handrails, dining table tops, table tops, and seat handles, this is a great thing to have on hand. With the advent of travel size products, it’s now easier than ever to pack it into a suitcase or carry-on while still being easily accessible for the duration of the trip.

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8 Books, magazines and anything that doesn’t need to be charged

Although charging ports can be found on trains, it is not always easy to charge electronic devices, especially on long journeys. In this case, nothing better than an old-fashioned book or magazine to pass the time. Even puzzle books such as sudoku or crossword puzzles can be helpful in passing the time while keeping a person awake. For kids, coloring books are always a great option!

seven Kindle, iPad and tablets

For shorter trips or for those who are in the habit of fully charging their electronics before travelling, these are all great ways to pass the time. Not only is reading material accessible from these, but users can also download games, write apps, or anything else that might occupy their time on the train. Plus, these can be used to keep in touch with people via social media while you’re on the road, so to speak.

6 Neck pillows, blankets and other comfort items

Similar to the airplane, these things can also come in handy on a train. Even more useful, in fact, because there will usually be a little more room on board a train. Neck pillows can help with an otherwise uncomfortable seat for those not in a first-class seat, and blankets can help in cold train car conditions. Additional comfort items include cozy socks, a favorite sweatshirt, a face mask or eye patch, and even a small travel pillow.

5 Cash with credit cards

Looking to order something from the cafe on the train? Better to have money! In general, it’s a good idea to carry cash when traveling, especially when it comes to small purchases like food and the like. Also, cash is a good thing to keep on hand in case one needs to tip for service.

4 Any medication needed for motion sickness

Although slightly less common than seasickness, motion sickness can occur on a train. For those who tend to get queasy on any moving mode of transportation, it’s always a good idea to pack something like Dramamine or Sea-Bands to lessen the effects of that moving sensation. . Even if you don’t think you need it, it can’t hurt to have it anyway.

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3 Earplugs or noise canceling headphones

There’s always some kind of white noise when it comes to travel, whether it’s the hum of an airplane engine or the roar of a car engine. On the train, this may include people chatting, the noise of the wheels against the tracks, the echo of a tunnel, or a general hum of the engine. In order to negate all that, passengers might appreciate having earplugs or noise canceling headphones to find some peace and quiet.

2 Toiletry bag with the essentials

For those who are here for the long haul on an Amtrak, it never hurts to have a toiletry bag handy. This can be packed with anything from a toothbrush and toothpaste to a hairbrush and travel hair products. Basically, anything one might need to freshen up between stops is worth having in an emergency toiletry kit.

1 Chargers or a universal adapter

For those bringing tech products on the train, it’s important to remember chargers. One way to do this is to pack each charger separately or, in the event that each product requires a USB port to charge, passengers can choose to bring only one adapter when charging. cords (without the adaptation parts) to lighten the load.


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